1834 Danforth Ave. Toronto
Ontario Canada M4C1H8
medical massage


Our Mission Statement:

The Medical Massage Boutique is comitted to you and your well being. We will listen to what you want to achieve personally and help you reach those goals.

 We communicate with you so that you can understand what we can achieve TOGETHER. To help you achieve the Best possible RESULTS.

What Makes Us Different?

The Medical Massage Boutique is an outcome based massage specializing in assessment and treatment of pain and physical injury as well as wellness and relaxation therapy combined. We maintain and enhance our knowledge " at the state of the art levels" to ensure that each client recieves the Highest Standard of Care.

This is where Medical Massage Boutique is UNIQUE. Not only do we offer relaxing transcendental massages for those seeking an escape, but we also work closely with clients with more serious issues who need more advanced treatments.

We provide a welcoming clinic, which includes a waiting area with complimentary tea and snacks, quiet cozy boutique style  treatment rooms, space for yoga classes, with special ROSCO floors, and a Medical Orthotic Boutique Store. We can coordinate your treatment with various rehabilitation services such as chiropractic and active strengthening as well as alternative medicine.

Our professional administrative staff is available to answer any questions you have about your insurance plan, and make the insurance claims process easy by guiding you through all insurance paper work and Health Plan claim forms.

                                                             Do NOT allow PAIN to Rule Your LIFE.