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   Medical Massage Boutique Health Care Practioners- Award Winning Clinic

2015 Open Care Patient's Choice Award     2017 Community Choice Award

"Medical Massage Boutique finds that the interdiciplinary TEAM approach in health care is an important factor in quality patient care that has been supported by growing research evidence.  Well functioning teams  are able to make good decisions and deal with complex situations effectively".

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Abigail- Medical Massage Boutique Specialist (MDMassageBTQ)

          Bsc Physical Therapy CTT RMT-Registered Massage Therapist

          Director of Care

Abigail is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from Centennial College- Advanced Massage Therapy in Toronto Ontario.  In addition to her advanced Massage Therapy Training she is also an International Trained Physiotherapist with honours in which she underwent 6 years of University Training . She has more than 9 years of expertise. She took her temporary license intership training in Physiotherapy in New York City where she was trained in an intensive manual techniques that specializes in pregnancy, postnatal care, sports therapy and chronic pain management.

Recently certified in Trigenics from International Institute of Myoneural Medicine- Functional Muscle Neurology. The Trigenics course is a 100 hour program which is only offered to health care professionals who have a minimum of 2000 hours of education in manual medicine and rehabilitation. Trigenics is a revolutionary muscle and nerve treatment system, for manual medicine practitioners, that provide immediate relief and reduction of muscle spasm.

Abigail specializes in assessment and treatment of different kinds of physical injury conditions, functional muscle neurology, remedial exercises, home instruction program, as well as relaxation, wellness and stress management.  Abigail also utilizes different kinds of modalities such as ultrasound, interferential current, shock wave diathermy, traction, gait assessment, and functional range of motion assessment. Abigail is currently in a process of becoming a registered physiotherapist in the province of Ontario.

Why Massage Therapy?

 An attempt to explain my passion in health care. So why do I do it? Because it is my passion. I would describe massage therapy as a healing science and the art of caring. It is like painting, the intelligent science of health therapy. Really, I'am a massage therapist because I want to make an IMPACT. It is my job to be the best hour of your day. That is just the tip of the iceberg, Massage Therapy is great for a reason. It does work! Psychologically and physiologically POTENT!


Dr. Nilav Bhowmik BA KIN DC   ( MDMassageBtq) Specialist

Doctor of Chiropractor/Sports Medicine

 A qualified Chiropractic Doctor with expertise in treating vaious kinds of ailments using chiropractic procedures. I find the art of Chiropractic very rewarding and enjoy the challenges of dealing with complex mutifaceted cases where using up to date manual therapy and research can be utilize to help patient's reach their optimal recovery. I practice using diversified chiropractic techniques, which include soft tissue therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, post-isometric mobilization,instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, spinal and joint manipulation and passive modalities ( TENS, IFC, NMES, LLLT, ultrasound, and micro-current). In addition I have a thorough training in athletic taping, orthotics and sports medicine rehabilitation. I have a degree in Kinesiology and expert in utilizing rehabilitation exercises to regain a patients full function following injury or improve overall performance through strength, endurance, power, agility, stability, coordination, proprioception, and flexibility exercises. I also also have experience dealing with WSIB and MVA cases and the appropriate paper work that need to be filled out.

" Your Health Your Wealth"


 Kenneth Medical Massage Boutique Specialist (MDMassageBtq)

    Bsc Physical Ed Registered Massage Therapist

Kenneth graduated in University of Toronto with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Health and Education in 2011 followed by graduating from Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in 2012.  Kenneth is a former competitive dragonboat paddler for the University of Toronto New College New Dragon and NDRC premier. He also has done placements for sports events such as East Regional Crossfit games and the Toronto Waterfron Marathon. Kenneth has work with individuals over a wide range age, as well as horses. Kenneth hopes to use his talent and skills to improve your peformance and free you from stress or pain that may be accumulated through work or physical activity. Kenneth can help to give you various remedial exercises and help you make stretching and strengthening more effective.

" The oldest form of Medicine- Massage Therapy. Keep Calm and Book a Massage"-quote


Dr. Chan ( China) Medical Massage Boutique Specialist ( MDMassageBtq)                   

 TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine Registered Acupuncture Registered Massage Therapist

  Eric studied Chinese Medicine for 10 years in University. In addition to his Massage Therapy Training. Eric strives to listen deeply to the needs of every patient and provide a sense of trust and compassion. Many patients feels rushed by their health care providers but Eric takes his time with each patients. He believes that combining a caring relationship with traditional treatment skills make for the most effective healing process. Eric strongly supports the integration of Eastern and Western Medicine in treating illness and maintaining the best health possible. By integrating wellness, patients gets the most comprehensive care and best outcomes possible.