1834 Danforth Ave. Toronto
Ontario Canada M4C1H8
medical massage


" Paul Teitelman..Hockey Player..Musician..Enterpreneur"

  Abigail is just the BEST! The BEST!!! She is the Best Massage Therapist in Toronto. PERIOD. She really goes beyond the call of duty and actually genuinely cares about the well-being of all of her clients. Always taking the time to explain human mechanics, new stretches or postural corrections, her vast experienced in health care industry comes to play each and everytime you get a massage. Extremely knowledgeable and always pleasant and upbeat. She is an absolute pleasure and I cant thank her enough for all the great work she's done on my nagging sports/work injuries. 

 You are in GOOD HANDS and care  with Abigail and I'd highly recommend her services to anyone looking for professional and quality massage treatments in Toronto!  " You made my work more relaxing and enjoyable, I can also give you credit for improving my game on the ice! Thank you Abigail for being there for me".


"Dean M."

Abigail takes the discipline of medical massage therapy to the next level with the Medical Massage Boutique. From the ambiance created to the care and passion that is displayed. Abigail is trully gifted in her abilities. She is like the "horse whisperer" of Massage.

"Andrew Candido Clinic Director/Owner Physiomed Vanmills"

Abigail is very experienced and well qualified to treat any conditions from sports injuries, MVA's,WSIB and a lot more. Her physiotherapy background combined with Functional Neuromuscular Therapy and Massage Therapy has been extremely helpful with not only relieving pain but also with educating on prevention and correct ways to take care of our community.

 "Ryan Galoyo Financial District- Semi-Professional Swimmer"

 Nobody provides the BEST MASSAGE in Toronto other than Abigail. Her treatment skills especially in the neck and shoulder region have given me a huge relief of my headaches. Her assessment skills and joint mobilization technique's are PHENOMENAL. Abigail's combination of massage and physiotherapy background is unique. She definetly knows what is she doing. Just recently I was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis seeing Abigail made a significant improvement that I am now able to swim better again, able to walk up the stairs painfree. No more recurring headaches and my posture are better. I highly recommend Abigail!!

Jetton Odza"

Abigail ia a miracle worker. Her extensive knowledge and skills in massage therapy have made my body brand new all over again. Being an hypertensive person, with Abigail's massages I have dropped 10 points in my blood pressure as well. I feel better, more agile and flexible and overall much loser.

Noreen Mcmullan Toronto East General Hospital-Physician's Assistant"

 Abigail is Fantastic. Her techniques are amazing. I especially love how she incorporates all the modalities and skills that she has. She is a wonderful healer and practitioner and I am so happy to have found her. Everyone must have at least one massage in their lifetime with Abigail.