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Medical Massage Boutique. Established 2013

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Our Medical Massage Therapy is a revolutionary procedure that aims to pinpoint the heart of your discomfort and treat it methodically. Essentially our Medical Massage are evolving deep tissue and relaxation techniques treatment sessions that build off each other; combined advanced massage therapy treatments with home instructions.  Such specialized treatments must be administered by our highly trained Registered Massage Therapist.

This is where our Boutique Medical Massage Therapy Services Centre is unique. Not Only do we offer relaxing transcendental massages for those seeking an escape, but we also work closely with clients with more serious issues who need more advanced treatments.

Medical Massage Boutique finds that the Interdisciplinary TEAM approach in health care is an important Factor in quality Patient Care that has been supported by growing research evidence. Well functioning TEAM'S are able to make good decisions and deal with complex situations effectively.

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