1834 Danforth Ave. Toronto
Ontario Canada M4C1H8
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medical massage canada

Flat Rates


Do NOT Allow PAIN to Rule Your Life

$75.00/per session + HST Monthly

       The Medical Massage Boutique -MDMassageBtq, specializes in advanced medical massages and relaxation techniques. Our staff are highly trained Registered Massage Therapist/RMT  on the Danforth Ave. between Coxwell and Woodbine Ave. that treat a range of conditions with a specialized one on one focused suited to your needs. Medical Massage Boutique Vitality Health Membership $75.00 an hour + HST to any Massage Therapy available.

Call 647.713.1000 or email abigail@medicalmassageboutique.ca for more details.

Or book online www.medicalmassageboutique.ca