A Message From The Medical Massage Boutique!

The Medical Massage Boutique started with a single goal – utilize the most advanced massage techniques to help our clients feel their absolute best! When you feel good, the world is a much brighter place and our medical massage services are the core of our business. Needless to say, at this current point in time we are only able to serve so many clients, and the demand for my massages has recently surpassed capacity. In the mere 6 months that we have been open, we’ve been able to grow our reputation steadily and plan on continuing to do so for years in come. As we grow, know that quality of service will never be comprised and the staff of the MMB look forward to these exciting times.

While the increased demand for our famous medical massages is extremely encouraging, it has caused issues where clients are having troubles making appointments. At this point, we have to unfortunately limit availability as I further my education in an attempt to improve our services and broaden the scope of treatments that are offered at the clinic. I appreciate your patience and understanding at this point in time, and look forward to being able to offer a greater variety of scheduling opportunities in the near future.

Please try to utilize the online scheduling program for your booking needs, and if further assistance is required, please call 647-713-100 to speak with me, Abigail, the Owner & Director of Care for the Medical Massage Boutique. Important updates are coming soon!