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By: Queen Abby Designs “Medical Massage Boutique takes pride in capturing the personalize design aspects of the Founder herself”.

What is Medical Massage?

Medical Massage is outcome based massage. It is primarily the application of a specific treatment protocols targeted to specific problem (s) the patient presents with physician diagnosis.

Medical Massage Boutique

Mission Statement:
The Medical Massage Boutique, is committed to you and your well being; we will listen to what you want to achieve personally and help you reach those goals; we communicate with you so that you can understand what we can accomplish together; To help you achieve the best possible results.

by Queen Abby Designs

Queen Abby Designs by Quennie Abigail “My Health is my Wealth”.

What makes us Different

The Medical Massage Boutique is an outcome based massage specializing in assessment and treatment of pain and physical injury as well as wellness and relaxation therapy combined . We maintain and enhance our knowledge at “state of the art” levels to ensure that each client receives the highest standard of care.
” We are proud to offer our top of the line therapeutic services such as acupuncture, registered massage therapy treatments, osteopathy, Thai Massage .
Our professional administrative staff is available to answer any questions you have about your insurance plan, and make the insurance claims process easy by guiding you through all insurance paperwork and Health Plan claim forms.

By Queen Abby Designs “Go to Medical Massage Boutique - a personalized approach to your health and well-being”.

By Queen Abby Designs “Go to Medical Massage Boutique a personalized approach to your health and well-being”.

What to expect before your Massage Therapy treatment:

  • We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early for your initial appointment. This will provide you with enough time to complete our confidential health history form, to use the washroom and to have a drink of water.
  • Your appointment will begin by discussing your primary complaints, current symptoms and short and long term treatment goals. This information will help your therapist to determine the appropriate assessment protocols and to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Your Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) will then explain the massage process, and answer any questions you may have about your condition or the course of treatment itself. In order to maintain your privacy, your therapist will then leave the room so that you may undress to your comfort level and get on to the table. Upon returning to the room, your RMT will provide you with a therapeutic massage that is specific to your individual concerns.
  • After a massage therapy treatment, the client is given remedial exercises. These exercises are part of a treatment plan which include specific stretching and strengthening techniques that the client is able to do at home. With the self-care plan the client is able to understand what he/she can do to maintain the body on a daily basis.
  • The Medical Massage Boutique is based on functional outcome measures and up to date state of the art expertise in manual therapy and remedial instructions exercises protocols that is designed on individual needs.
  • Your first visit will be scheduled for a minimum of 45 minutes in order to accommodate a comprehensive initial assessment.
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