Computer programmers, Factory workers, Hairdressers, Manual laborers, Postal workers, Chefs, Musicians, Racquet sports players, Weightlifting , Baseball players, Nurses, Dentist, Dental hygienists,Plumbers, Painters are all high risk for Tennis Elbow.


What is a Trigger point – muscle knots or trigger points are small patches of hyper-contracted muscle fibres that cause aching and stiffness.

Trigger Point Therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from repetitive strain and sprains of all kinds.This powerful technique can improved the body’s natural capacity to HEAL.


Image result for trigger point chart tennis elbow


  • Bend the elbow up and with the other hand hold the forearm close to the elbow ( the trigger point in the extensors muscles -refer to the diagram is about 2 inches away from the crease of the elbow.
  • Extend the wrist fist moves away from you and lower the outstretched thumb muscles is now tense under your fingertips.
  • Explore the muscles by pressing into it with the tip of the second finger. Trigger points in the muscle are painful when pressed.


  • Relax the wrist and thumb and press into the sore spot for 30-60 seconds( TENNIS BALL CAN BE USE) until the pain disappears.
  • Work for the limit of your pain be patient
  • Follow up by stretching the muscle-elbow straight wrist flex for 30 to 60 seconds if you have wrist pain stretch with wrist extended for 30-60 seconds.


  • AT LEAST 3X A DAY 3 REPS 30 to 60 seconds HOLD  OR AS TOLERATED
  • Through simple stretching and pressure exercises you can do at home you can reduce pain and increase mobility so you can get back to enjoying your LIFE.




A Message From The Medical Massage Boutique!

The Medical Massage Boutique started with a single goal – utilize the most advanced massage techniques to help our clients feel their absolute best! When you feel good, the world is a much brighter place and our medical massage services are the core of our business. Needless to say, at this current point in time we are only able to serve so many clients, and the demand for my massages has recently surpassed capacity. In the mere 6 months that we have been open, we’ve been able to grow our reputation steadily and plan on continuing to do so for years in come. As we grow, know that quality of service will never be comprised and the staff of the MMB look forward to these exciting times.

While the increased demand for our famous medical massages is extremely encouraging, it has caused issues where clients are having troubles making appointments. At this point, we have to unfortunately limit availability as I further my education in an attempt to improve our services and broaden the scope of treatments that are offered at the clinic. I appreciate your patience and understanding at this point in time, and look forward to being able to offer a greater variety of scheduling opportunities in the near future.

Please try to utilize the online scheduling program for your booking needs, and if further assistance is required, please call 647-713-100 to speak with me, Abigail, the Owner & Director of Care for the Medical Massage Boutique. Important updates are coming soon!


Medical imaging procedures such as X-Rays, ultrasounds, CT Scans and MRIs can be very valuable for identifying serious medical conditions such as fractures, dislocations and spinal cord injuries, just to name a few. However once serious problems have been ruled out by a doctor, minor findings are of no value in helping to explain the far majority of aches and pains. In fact, not only are the majority of imaging results not helpful, studies support that they are even harmful from a psychological point of view.

Undergoing continual tests in search of answers does not make someone feel confident in their health. Many Canadians have become a VOMIT (victim of imaging technology) and the numbers are increasing. Those who become a VOMIT have been shown to have an increase in doctor visits, longer lasting pill prescriptions, more disability, and an overall lowered sense of well being. Here are a few important facts regarding medical imaging that you must be aware of to prevent yourself from becoming another VOMIT.

- Studies have shown that lumbar disc degeneration is present in 40 percent of individuals under the age of 30 and present in over 90 percent of those between the ages 50-55

- Another study showed that amongst healthy young adults aged 20-22 years with no back pain, 48 percent had at least one degenerative disc and 25 percent of bulging disc

- Leading physicians of the department of neurosurgery at the University of California strongly suggest AGAINST the routine use of MRI for low back pain since they have found NO LINK between degenerative changes on X-Rays or MRIs and low back pain.

Translation: Do not panic if your X-ray or MRI shows problems with your disc they are simply NORMAL changes that happen from the age of 20 onwards.

- There is only a weak association between joint space narrowing seen on hip X-rays and actual symptoms. In fact one study showed that 77 percent of healthy hockey players who had NO PAIN had hip and groin abnormalities on their MRIs

Translation: Do not panic if your hip X-ray or MRI shows cartilage tears or narrowing: It is not a sign of permanent pain or disability.

The point is that worrying about your health is not only ineffective, it can be detrimental. The same concept applies to self-diagnosing your medical conditions and injuries online using sites such as Stress can lead to it’s own set of physical symptoms, and these are just some of the many reasons why it’s so important to take physical action to treat the symptoms instead of just looking for easy answers.

Here at the Medical Massage Boutique, we aim to quantify your issues and symptoms so we can monitor the treatment and get results. Furthermore, it’s important from a psychological perspective to show your body that conditions can be diagnosed and improved, without worrying about the negatives. A study of professional baseball pitchers showed that 40 percent of them had either partial or full thickness rotator cuff tears on their MRI that they did not even know about. This is a great example that demonstrates the power of the human brain, and how mental states can affect physical conditions.

Keeping your conditions and stress levels in check is extremely important in maintaining your health, and our medical massage therapy sessions do just that. Our calming environment allows you to let go, and let our specialized staff treat your conditions. Stop worrying about your health and take action!

Pillow Talk at The Medical Massage Boutique

When the word sleep comes to mind, chances are that your reaction will be greatly influenced by how you slept last night. Everyday there are more and more studies being done that show how extremely important sleep is, and how badly many of us are deprived of it. There are few things that you come face to face with everyday… and your pillow is top of the list. Pillow talk at the Medical Massage Boutique means much more than small talk. To us, it can mean all the difference in the world!

Everyone has had a bad night of sleep and knows how they feel the next day. Many more of us experience on-going sleep issues, and are constantly dealing with the symptoms of sleep deprivation. Whether your case is mild or severe, there are many options you can pursue that will improve your sleep system, and therefore your world. Getting a good night sleep means much more than just being groggy or slow in the morning, it can mean all the difference to long term health, beauty and happiness.

In case you underestimate the importance of sleep, simply pick up any health and wellness guide, as there is a good chance it will contain at least one article documenting the importance of sleep. Furthermore, if you pick up any health and beauty magazine, you may not find the same article, but you will find something also documenting the importance of sleep. Whether your focus is on alertness or beauty, no one can debate how important sleep truly is.

There are many products designed to improve your sleep system. From the mattress we sleep on to the scented candles we light before bed, there are a plethora of promises that many products aim to deliver. However, there is one element that can truly make or your break your sleep, and you don’t need a truck and 4 people to get it into your bedroom.

The pillow you rest your head and face on every single night will greatly affect the quality of sleep you get. Improving your pillow is the easiest and most affordable way to overhaul your entire sleep system, and we are proud to announce that we have discovered a revolutionary pillow that just might change your world. A good pillow can reduce pain and improve sleep in patients with chronic cervical pain, and research proves that when patients report chronic neck pain or heachaches, a cervicogenic support pillow should be utilized.

The enVy® Anti-Aging and Wellness Pillow is a huge step in the evolution of comfort and support. Made in Canada out of state of the art LuxFeel™ memory foam, you can say goodbye to your sleep issues and say hello to your new pillow! Ergonomically designed with a sculpted 2-stage neck support system which promotes proper neck alignment and air circulation, providing you with a well supported a comfortable sleeping position so you can get the rest you need. The eco-friendly bamboo case also promotes comfort, and this pillow remains supportive regardless of the change in environmental temperature or humidity. Simply put, the design and quality of the memory foam make it a huge hit among people of all ages. Available through the Medical Massage Boutique, just ask to see one the next time you come in for a visit!

The enVy pillow is here at the Medical Massage Boutique

Some of our clients have asked us for ways to help them get the rest they need, especially after a deep medical massage that can leave you ready for a good night sleep. Getting a proper night sleep after your treatment at the Medical Massage Boutique is also extremely important; your body needs to recover and benefit from your treatment. You put so much time and energy into taking care of your body during the day, treat it well when you go to sleep and you will be forever grateful!

Get Your Spring Tune-Up At The Medical Massage Boutique

Getting ready for spring means more than just a spring cleaning of your home, or a thorough car wash of your summer ride. It’s time to get active, get outside and start doing the things you love, which can mean it’s time to get in shape! Whether you plan on tending to your garden or training for a marathon, getting in shape and staying injury free in the spring will ensure you enjoy the summer to the max.

Here at The Medical Massage Boutique we are helping everyone get in game shape and recover from injuries with a huge range of general and sports related medical procedures. We also offer a relaxing ambiance tailored for clients who are looking for Stress Reduction Focused Treatments and may not have any specific conditions or injuries to treat.

At the heart of our specialized clinic is our Medical Massages. Your treatment program begins with an assessment and plan of action for both your near short-term and long-term goals. Firstly your condition and history is examined and assessed, so a measurable plan of action can be made between you and our specially trained medical massage practitioner.

The Medical Massage Boutique offers a range of medical treatments. We utilize the science of healing and the art of caring to not only treat, but alleviate your painful symptoms and injuries. Imagine combining massage and advance manual therapy techniques to treat muscle and joint conditions. Whether you drive heavy machinery or sit in front of a desk all day long, we can help you feel better than ever, and a little pampering never hurt either!

We all know that massages help you feel better, but did you know that there is scientific evidence that shows just how important treatments can be. Massages work like anti-inflammatory pills. Scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton have found evidence at a cellular level that shows how massage blunts muscle pain in a similar route that anti-inflammatory pain relievers do.

Tarnoplosky said, the anti-inflammatory signals release by massage also improved the ability of muscles to release mitochondria (the furnaces that convert food to energy). According to the studies authors, that could explain how massages seem to speed up recovery in athletes with an injured muscle. The massages facilitate blood flow and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles leading to reduction in pain, inflammation and stiffness. This triggers many benefits, such as stress relief, rejuvenation and an overall increase in relaxation. These feelings are attributed to the release of dopamine and serotonin, hormones that are responsible for happiness and feelings of overall well-being.

Our Medical Massages are more than just half or full hour massage therapy session. While we do offer pampering, relaxation orientated sessions, more often than not our clinic is busy with sports related afflictions in the spring time as Toronto comes to life. As its residents get out of the house, injuries are going to occur, and how you treat them will greatly affect your summer!

Whether you have heard of a Medical Massage before or not, contact us today and discover how we offer more than just a tune up for your body, we offer treatment program that can help alleviate long term conditions and pains. We take pride in helping professional and recreational athletes and outdoor enthusiasts get back into shape, stay healthy and feel better than ever before. Whether your goal is relaxation, therapeutic massage therapy or combination of both, the Medical Massage Boutique offers different modalities that will maximize your Health and Well-being. Your Health is your Wealth!


Say Goodbye To Traditional Massages

It’s truly amazing how far the medical industry has progressed in recent years. For many fields, technology has enabled doctors and medical practitioners to accomplish more than ever thought possible, and medical procedures are more effective than ever before. While treatments of major diseases have relied largely on technological upgrades, other medical fields have evolved through the ingenuity of medical professionals on the front lines.

The world of massage therapy has exploded in recent years, and it seems that nearly every medical centre you stop by offers services from registered massage therapists. The truth is, the benefits of massages have been known for years, and virtually every culture on the planet has utilized some form of massage therapy for both health and relaxation. However, as the medical world has progressed.

Our medical massage therapy is a revolutionary procedure that aims to pinpoint the heart of your discomfort and treat it methodically. Essentially our medical massages are evolving deep tissue sessions that build off each other; combining advanced muscle massage therapies with at home instructions to treat syndromes .Such specialized treatments must be administered by professionals who have physical therapy and massage therapy education.

This is where our boutique medical treatment centre is unique Not only do we offer relaxing transcendental massages for those seeking an escape, but we also work closely with clients with more serious issues who need more advanced treatments. No matter where you pain may be, we can help you feel better than ever. Contact us today to make an appointment with our specialized staff, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and our one of a kind treatment.

Located right on the Danforth, we continue to service this up and coming area. You don’t have to fight traffic and parking worries to get the best massage treatments in the city, you just have to come by and see what the Medical Massage Boutique can do for you!