Get Your Spring Tune-Up At The Medical Massage Boutique

Getting ready for spring means more than just a spring cleaning of your home, or a thorough car wash of your summer ride. It’s time to get active, get outside and start doing the things you love, which can mean it’s time to get in shape! Whether you plan on tending to your garden or training for a marathon, getting in shape and staying injury free in the spring will ensure you enjoy the summer to the max.

Here at The Medical Massage Boutique we are helping everyone get in game shape and recover from injuries with a huge range of general and sports related medical procedures. We also offer a relaxing ambiance tailored for clients who are looking for Stress Reduction Focused Treatments and may not have any specific conditions or injuries to treat.

At the heart of our specialized clinic is our Medical Massages. Your treatment program begins with an assessment and plan of action for both your near short-term and long-term goals. Firstly your condition and history is examined and assessed, so a measurable plan of action can be made between you and our specially trained medical massage practitioner.

The Medical Massage Boutique offers a range of medical treatments. We utilize the science of healing and the art of caring to not only treat, but alleviate your painful symptoms and injuries. Imagine combining massage and advance manual therapy techniques to treat muscle and joint conditions. Whether you drive heavy machinery or sit in front of a desk all day long, we can help you feel better than ever, and a little pampering never hurt either!

We all know that massages help you feel better, but did you know that there is scientific evidence that shows just how important treatments can be. Massages work like anti-inflammatory pills. Scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton have found evidence at a cellular level that shows how massage blunts muscle pain in a similar route that anti-inflammatory pain relievers do.

Tarnoplosky said, the anti-inflammatory signals release by massage also improved the ability of muscles to release mitochondria (the furnaces that convert food to energy). According to the studies authors, that could explain how massages seem to speed up recovery in athletes with an injured muscle. The massages facilitate blood flow and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles leading to reduction in pain, inflammation and stiffness. This triggers many benefits, such as stress relief, rejuvenation and an overall increase in relaxation. These feelings are attributed to the release of dopamine and serotonin, hormones that are responsible for happiness and feelings of overall well-being.

Our Medical Massages are more than just half or full hour massage therapy session. While we do offer pampering, relaxation orientated sessions, more often than not our clinic is busy with sports related afflictions in the spring time as Toronto comes to life. As its residents get out of the house, injuries are going to occur, and how you treat them will greatly affect your summer!

Whether you have heard of a Medical Massage before or not, contact us today and discover how we offer more than just a tune up for your body, we offer treatment program that can help alleviate long term conditions and pains. We take pride in helping professional and recreational athletes and outdoor enthusiasts get back into shape, stay healthy and feel better than ever before. Whether your goal is relaxation, therapeutic massage therapy or combination of both, the Medical Massage Boutique offers different modalities that will maximize your Health and Well-being. Your Health is your Wealth!