How Psychotherapy Treatment Works With Massage Therapy

When the body heals so does the mind. While receiving a massage many psychological issues often emerge. Psychotherapy is the place to help process these issues. It provides holistic healing of both body, mind, and spirit. Massage and psychotherapy combined provide lasting and integrative healing.

Psychotherapy provides a safe structured environment to talk about, and process the emotions that emerge when receiving deep massage work. Psychotherapy helps understand the root reason why these emotions are there, and a safe environment to allow the feelings to naturally heal and transform.

Common issues worked with in psychotherapy are: family/romantic difficulties. Overwhelming feelings of sadness and a loss, or anger and resentment can emerge. Psychotherapy helps let go of the pain these relationships can cause. Other people suffer from anxiety and depression. Psychotherapy helps understand the root cause of these issues, providing a place to heal and let go of the psychological pain. Many other people struggle to find their life’s purpose. Many feel hopeless and meaningless. Psychotherapy is the place to let go of past traumas and also to find one’s true self.

Massage therapy helps relieve the body stress caused by psychological issues. Psychotherapy helps understand and fully process the root cause. Psychotherapy and massage create a holistic transformation of body, mind, spirit.