Medical Massage as Medicine by Medical Massage Boutique.

Massage as Medicine

By: Medical Massage Boutique on Danforth Ave. East of Coxwell

Being more accepted than ever before, Medical Massage was once known only as a Luxury service but is now being recognized as alternative medicine therapy by the Medical Community.

Should you integrate Medical Massage Therapy in your wellness routine?
Consider the practice’s advantages, along with advice on how to make the most out of your appointment.

• According to recent survey: 77 percent of responded primary reason for receiving Massage Therapy was Medical and Stress Related.
• About 70 percent uses Massage for pain management and relief

How Massage Works at Medical Massage Boutique

What is a Medical Massage?
Medical Massage is outcome based massage. It is primarily the application of a specific treatment protocols targeted to specific problem (s) the patient presents with physician diagnosis.

Mission Statement:
The Medical Massage Boutique, is committed to you and your well being; we will listen to what you want to achieve personally and help you reach those goals; we communicate with you so that you can understand what we can accomplish together. To help you achieve the best possible results.

What makes us Different:

The Medical Massage Boutique is an outcome based massage specializing in assessment and treatment of pain and physical injury as well as wellness and relaxation therapy combined. We maintain and enhance our knowledge at “state of the art” levels to ensure that each client receives the highest standard of care
Medical Massage Boutique on the Danforth at Coxwell Ave-The Medical Massage Boutique specializes in advanced medical massages & relaxation techniques. Our staff are highly trained Registered Massage Therapists that treat a range of conditions with a specialized one-on-one focus suited to your needs

Interdisciplinary Team Approach:

Medical Massage Boutique finds that the interdisciplinary team approach in Health Care is an important factor in quality patient care that has been supported by growing research evidence. Better patient outcome came be associated with team functioning.

An advantage with the team approach allows Health Professionals with diverse skills individually and is consistent with person-centered medicine. Well functioning teams are able to make good decisions and deal with complex situations effectively and by coordinating their interventions and expertise.

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