Medical Massage Boutique-Danforth at Coxwell Ave. Vitality Health Membership

VITALITY – The state of Being Stronger, Active more Energy

Stronger, Active, more Energy. Sounds great doesn’t it?  Medical Massage Boutique on the Danforth at Coxwell Ave Toronto our new Vitality Program will assist you with becoming Stronger, Active and have more Energy. Massage Therapy has been proven to be very beneficial in increasing blood flow, relaxing and re-energizing muscles while giving you a new found range or movement and flow. The Vitality Program will assure you that you will be taking care of your muscles and be able to relieve tension for the entire year and help you with becoming or maintaining your Vitality.

The Vitality Program is a 12 month Package (which can be split into two 6 Month pkgs) that consists of Monthly 1 Hour Massage Treatments of your choosing. You can choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre/Post Natal or Sports Massages and can vary every month depending on your needs and your Therapists recommendations.  The Program also includes home exercises to help you with posture awareness and easy stretches you can do any place, anytime. A Registered Massage Therapy Receipt will be issued after every visit.

Quote “I saw a few chiropractors and acupuncturists. But despite some initial short relief, their work seemed to lose effectiveness after a few visits. I went to a massage therapist, whose treatment actually was the opposite of my experiences with neurologists: It was enjoyable. This was the beginning of what I called a foray into “recreational medicine.” By Paula Karen.

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For more information, please contact our office at 647-713-1000 for more information and pricing.