New Home For The Medical Massage Boutique!

We’ve moved into our new location, and are happy to announce that we have settled into our new and updated home! Not only have we moved into a more luxurious space, we have spent ample time ensuring that the ambiance truly reflects our goals. Offer state of the art massages in a boutique, pampered environment that you will love to visit time and time again.

Our new location is in the heart of Greektown, close to the major intersection of Pape and Danforth. Not only are we close to some of the best restaurants in Toronto, but also many health and nutrition stores like the Healthy Planet and the Big Carrot. After your treatment you can relax with friends, indulge in the best Greek food in the city or re-stock your supplies of organic food and nutritional supplements.

Besides updating our facilities, our therapists have been hard at work updating their skill sets so we can continue to offer consistent treatments from highly trained massage therapists. Our medical massages are much more than just relaxation based treatments (though we do offer that as well), instead focusing on measurable physiological improvements to your health, always working with you to help improve your physical conditions so that when you leave, you feel much better than when you came in.

Whether you are suffering from a new injury or prolonged medical condition, our medical massages can help eliminate pain, improve movement and overall help you feel years younger. For more information please contact us anytime to speak with our expert medical staff. Get active, take control of your health and enjoy the summer!