Pillow Talk at The Medical Massage Boutique

When the word sleep comes to mind, chances are that your reaction will be greatly influenced by how you slept last night. Everyday there are more and more studies being done that show how extremely important sleep is, and how badly many of us are deprived of it. There are few things that you come face to face with everyday… and your pillow is top of the list. Pillow talk at the Medical Massage Boutique means much more than small talk. To us, it can mean all the difference in the world!

Everyone has had a bad night of sleep and knows how they feel the next day. Many more of us experience on-going sleep issues, and are constantly dealing with the symptoms of sleep deprivation. Whether your case is mild or severe, there are many options you can pursue that will improve your sleep system, and therefore your world. Getting a good night sleep means much more than just being groggy or slow in the morning, it can mean all the difference to long term health, beauty and happiness.

In case you underestimate the importance of sleep, simply pick up any health and wellness guide, as there is a good chance it will contain at least one article documenting the importance of sleep. Furthermore, if you pick up any health and beauty magazine, you may not find the same article, but you will find something also documenting the importance of sleep. Whether your focus is on alertness or beauty, no one can debate how important sleep truly is.

There are many products designed to improve your sleep system. From the mattress we sleep on to the scented candles we light before bed, there are a plethora of promises that many products aim to deliver. However, there is one element that can truly make or your break your sleep, and you don’t need a truck and 4 people to get it into your bedroom.

The pillow you rest your head and face on every single night will greatly affect the quality of sleep you get. Improving your pillow is the easiest and most affordable way to overhaul your entire sleep system, and we are proud to announce that we have discovered a revolutionary pillow that just might change your world. A good pillow can reduce pain and improve sleep in patients with chronic cervical pain, and research proves that when patients report chronic neck pain or heachaches, a cervicogenic support pillow should be utilized.

The enVy® Anti-Aging and Wellness Pillow is a huge step in the evolution of comfort and support. Made in Canada out of state of the art LuxFeel™ memory foam, you can say goodbye to your sleep issues and say hello to your new pillow! Ergonomically designed with a sculpted 2-stage neck support system which promotes proper neck alignment and air circulation, providing you with a well supported a comfortable sleeping position so you can get the rest you need. The eco-friendly bamboo case also promotes comfort, and this pillow remains supportive regardless of the change in environmental temperature or humidity. Simply put, the design and quality of the memory foam make it a huge hit among people of all ages. Available through the Medical Massage Boutique, just ask to see one the next time you come in for a visit!

The enVy pillow is here at the Medical Massage Boutique

Some of our clients have asked us for ways to help them get the rest they need, especially after a deep medical massage that can leave you ready for a good night sleep. Getting a proper night sleep after your treatment at the Medical Massage Boutique is also extremely important; your body needs to recover and benefit from your treatment. You put so much time and energy into taking care of your body during the day, treat it well when you go to sleep and you will be forever grateful!