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Medical Massage as an Old Form of Medicine

Medical Massage is distinguish not as one technique, or form of massage, but  by using a large variety of proven techniques such as neuromuscular therapy , orthopedics, stress reduction focused and a lot more with known results for a specific soft tissue injury , dysfunction or pain cycle.

In Medical Massage Boutique our award winning Medical Massage Boutique Specialist on Danforth at Coxwell Avenue, Toronto are all Registered Massage Therapist that are highly trained and skilled to perform outcome based measures Massage therapy Techniques.

Medical Massage is science-based and gets results. It is a massage with a specific goal in mind for a specific condition such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, chronic low back pain, post-surgery, medical issues or rehabilitative therapy. If someone needing medical massage doesn’t have a doctor’s prescription, the medical massage therapist can work from the patients complains (self-referral) medical history, and by palpating muscle tissues (Massage Therapist do not diagnose). quote

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