Medical Massage Boutique Presents: New Year, New Body

by: Alex Cromwell ( Guest Post)

The first two weeks of January are the busiest season for the commercial gyms, fitness equipment stores and personal training sales.

The reasons are obvious and its human nature to want to improve our lives over a significant date such as the start of the year. Unfortunately the statistics show that roughly 90% will quit and self-sabotage their goals mid-January. This is why I have always believed New Year’s Resolutions are the worst time to make a fitness goals.

This is not meant to discourage anyone, it is my intention to show you a better plan so that you will succeed in 2018 and beyond with these goals. Here are 5 tips to make sure your 2018 is the most healthy and robust year of your life.

  1. Delay your start date.

This is counter-intuitive but I can tell you from experience what happens those first two weeks of January. Gyms are packed, gyms parking lots are packed. A new fitness plan is not something you want to just rush into and doing so at this time is setting yourself up for failure.

Why not take the first two weeks and think hard about your goals and how you will achieve them. Write stuff down. Go to bed an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier. Re-set your internal clock and acclimatize to the change. If you have current fitness regime, keep this up and do it at this time. Some air squats, jumping jacks and pushups.

Air Squats Tips:

  1. Stand with your feet more than shoulder width apart slightly pointed out.
  2. Keep your head up and arch in your lower back.
  3. Use arms for balance and as you squat your knees should track over your feet( also keep the knees pointed out slightly)
  4. Go as low as you can while maintaining the arch in your back and feet flat on the ground.

Due to the large muscle mass of the legs and hips you will fire up your resting metabolic rate and thus burn more calories as these large muscles recover. Do higher reps (over 10) to get the heart rate going too.

Jumping Jacks Tips:

  1. Stand with the feet together and arms at the sides.
  2. Jump in the air while you simultaneously spread your legs to shoulder width and raise your hands to clap overhead. When you land your hands should be together and feet shoulder width apart. Jump again and return feet and hands to starting position.
  3. Don’t jump too high.
  4. Practice soft landing ( keep knees bend to cushion your landing).

You may not have done these since high school but they are great cardio exercise. This will get your muscles, heart, and lungs working. Also helps with coordination and balance.

Push Ups Tips:

  1. Start lying face down on the floor. Place your hands face down on the floor just under your shoulders.
  2. Basic Version: keep your knees on the floor as you push up. Advance Version: keep the balls of your feet on the floor.
  3. Keeping your core tight, elbows in the body straight push yourself up until your arms are completely straight.
  4. Slowly return to the resting position and repeat.

Push Ups are a great upper body strength developer. Even If you can only do 3, do them every day and you will soon increase your muscle endurance too. The muscles of your arms, shoulders, chest back and core benefits from doing these. As with your air squats the resting metabolic rate will increased, burning more calories even at rest.

Doesn’t have to be the full hour, just get moving every day. Do an inventory of your eating, get rid of sugary snacks and junk food, find/buy/wash and organize workout wear. Consult with your Doctor if necessary. Pack a gym toiletry bag/shower kit if needed. Buy or organize Tupperware. Get everything ready and find a suitable program. Plan to start your new routine at some date in the next two weeks. You pick the date and have everything ready for it.

  1. Think beyond 2018

Is your goal to get in shape only for 2018 then let yourself go in 2019? No. These are beneficial lifestyle changes that need to become a part of who you are. These will help you physically but also emotionally and mentally as well. If you think about this as something you will stick with for life, you will be more serious about it.

  1. Pick a time and venue that is realistic to stick with

This may take some trial and error but it will be crucial to your success. Mornings are great as there are fewer interruptions in the wee hours. If this is isn’t for you find a lunch time activity, and after work class, an evening work out time. This is ME time. Whatever time that is; you choose it, protect it, and own it.

  1. Good habits will form

If you stick with it long enough it will become a habit and one that you won’t want to miss. This takes a few weeks for most people so stick with it. In my experience it is easier to do something daily than to do it three times a week. No one can go hard everyday so have some light days as well. Active recovery is better that procrastination.

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