Werewolves are mentioned in the legends of many peoples. So it is customary to call the creatures that can turn from a man into an animal, plant, or inanimate object. 


In modern culture, the most commonly used image of the wolf-werewolf, also known by the following names:

  • Lycanthrope,
  • Volkolak,
  • Werewolf.

It has long been prevalent in the lore of countries and regions where gray predators live. He has been popularized by numerous literary works, feature films and comic books.

Let us recall the most famous movies about werewolves:

  • “Howl”,
  • “The Wolfman.”
  • “An American Werewolf in London” and “An American Werewolf in Paris.”
  • “Another World.”
  • “Twilight.”

Developers of gambling games for online casinos also inserted their five cents, releasing several themed video slots. Casinoz portal selected the most interesting models, the heroes of which were werewolves.

The Full Moon Romance

In a slot machine The Full Moon Romance from Thunderkick a couple of lovers on a warm summer evening went to the car cinema. Plans for Rosie and Jack spoiled the full moon. In its bright light it turned out that the boy and girl are werewolves. Understandably, they had to adjust further plans for the evening.

Video slot Roman under a full moon

The characters in the video slot “An Affair Under a Full Moon” turn into wolves when the free spins begin. During the free spins, they replace each other in combinations. Jack and Rosie always occupy three cells each on the reels and start the cloning feature by filling the first column.

Werewolf Wild

Werewolf Wild slot machine was released a few years ago by Aristocrat. The model is designed in the style of Victorian England. You will be a dangerous walk through the night streets of misty London, where in search of prey wanders bloodthirsty werewolf. However, he is not a danger to you. Meeting him only increases the likelihood of winning.

Wild Werewolf slot machine

  • Werewolf acts as a joker, can replace the other pictures in payable strings. 
  • And his image on the background of a full moon triggers free spins, during which other characters can also become infected and turn into wolves. 
  • In addition, Werewolf Wild has bonus payouts, a game of equal chances and other gameplay options.


The Wolfheart video slot by 2by2 Gaming refers us to medieval legends about lycanthropes. The model features a large number of characters on the screen. Each column has six cells for pictures, but some elements take up several positions on the reels at once.

Slot machine Wolfheart

The game has sixty active strips on which combinations are formed. Additional bonuses were jokers, scatters and free spins. During the free spins guy and girl, the main characters Wolfheart, can become wolves, replacing other icons in the chains.

Mr. Green: Moonlight

Next, remember a great online game Mr. Green: Moonlight. NetEnt has released it exclusively for the casino “Mr. Green”. The video slot continues the series of models about the adventures of a famous gentleman who has become a symbol of MrGreen casino. The brave hero has to find the bloodthirsty werewolf who killed his fiancée.

Slot machine MrGreen: Moonlight

The slot machine offers two varieties of joker with special features, a payout multiplier and a scatter that starts the prize spins. During the free spins, the money for the customer puts the institution. An additional plus Mr. Green: Moonlight is a high level of theoretical return.

Full Moon Fortunes

The company Ash Gaming (Playtech platform) also has a game about the wolf man. Full Moon Fortunes takes customers to nineteenth century Britain. Its character is Dr. Blackwood, who in the full moon turns into a terrible monster. The locals were forced to open a hunt for him, loading guns with silver bullets.

Full Moon Wealth slot machine

Join their company to claim numerous combinations and the right to participate in bonus rounds. Full Moon Fortunes features two types of jokers, extra multipliers, free spins with prize features and a theme round with big winnings.

Cool Wolf

It would be surprising if Microgaming had bypassed such a popular theme in online gambling. It is dedicated to werewolves funny slot Cool Wolf. He introduces you to a very cool guy from an American high school. Peers are jealous of his strong physique, sports car and a lot of groupies. But they don’t know about his secret. When the moon is full, he becomes a wolf.

Cool wolf slot machine

The video machine features Rolling Reels, which provide numerous combinations. Also available are jokers, bonus pictures and free spins with special game conditions.

Tales of Darkness: Full Moon

This is a model of the company Novomatic in the series Tales of Darkness, which combines video slots horror genre. The main character of the game was an attractive man who turns in the light of the full moon in a terrible and bloodthirsty wolf. However, users will be happy to meet with him, because he makes the maximum combinations.

Tales of Darkness Full Moon slot machine

In Tales of Darkness: Full Moon the same pictures are stacks on the reels. Chains are formed on the forty lines. Available jokers and scatters. The most tempting option is the free spins, which involved additional jokers. Their number gradually increases during the draws.